The Middle of Sha’baan: Brief Perspective

As the middle of Sha’baan approaches, let’s be mindful of a couple of things: There is a legitimate scholarly difference of opinion on the significance of the 15th night of this month. A wise approach is to leave it in the hands of the scholars, take the guidance of whom … Continue reading

MeemTip: Setup a Wifi-Bluetooth Network Bridge

Bridging the divide: What to do when your phone will connect to the local wi-fi network but your laptop won't.

Big problem Recently at a partnering firm’s office, my work laptop could not connect to the wifi network. Even bigger problem Out of at least 15 systems, my laptop was the only one that couldn’t connect to the wifi network. Context Being an IT Consultant means I rely on Internet … Continue reading

MeemTip: Why the Chromecast is Good for Business

Google Chromecast: A tiny package with a lot of punch.

When enterprises are on the hunt for new IT hardware, the list of preferred vendors seldom includes Google. And that’s perfectly fine, given that the Big G’s forte is still software (though more accurately, and increasingly, their software capabilities are enabling them to forge new pathways into other areas such … Continue reading

A Renewed Perspective on our World

What's your worldview?

Sometimes we become so engrossed in our pursuit of personal endeavours that we lose sight of where we actually are in relation to the rest of the world. Or the rest of the galaxy. Or other galaxies. Or other [names of other distant cosmic entities] On a particularly starry night, … Continue reading

Business Cards – Ditch Them or Dig Them?

Business Cards: Relevant in this day and age?

So things have been a bit quiet lately. I’ve recently taken up an IT Consultant role at Capital Technology Partners and can’t believe how much I missed the consulting game. The excitement of engaging with a broad range of clients, crafting a sales pitch in order to win project extensions (sans … Continue reading

30BIT30: Story Bridge Climb


My wife’s birthday was coming up, and I figured what better way to celebrate than to push her acrophobia to the limit. So I booked an adventure climb of the Story Bridge, Brisbane and surprised her with a forewarning that we had a very important event to attend … in … Continue reading

We’re going for Hajj!


UPDATE: 12/9/14 – Our passports, visas and plane tickets have arrived! Praise be to God. It has begun! My wife Fathima and I have applied to perform the Hajj pilgrimage this year. Our applications with Labbaik Travel have been accepted and we’re eagerly awaiting news of our visas for Saudi … Continue reading

Taking Decisive Action


As the blessed month of Ramadhan draws to a close, let us ask ourselves a relevant question: how do we bid this glorious month farewell? I have a few ideas: Firstly, celebrate success: remind ourselves of the good we have done this month and the impact it has had. Think of the … Continue reading

Divine Assistance is maximised when hearts are pure

"...Help from Allah and a victory near at hand; and give good news to the believers" ~ The Glorious Qur'aan, Chapter on the Ranks (61:13)

Praise be to God, many of us have the ability and have responded, in as many practical ways as we can, to the crises in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Burma, Sri Lanka, Central African Republic, and other regions, with our prayers, protests, and charitable efforts. That ought to be the best … Continue reading

An Urgent Plea to Stop the Carnage


To our brothers and sisters in Palestine, Central African Republic, Congo, Kashmir, Xinjiang, Burma, and elsewhere, who are experiencing unspeakable atrocities of gross magnitude, our du’as are with you all each and every day for Allah’s continuous nusrah (assistance) to descend, in the way He Divinely decides. Remember, “Nasrun minAllahi … Continue reading

Invoices / Receipts need a Royal Redesign!

Surely I can’t be the only one who sometimes loathes the illogical designs of some receipts/invoices. Granted, there are system limitations that force some companies to choose sub-optimal designs, but surely in this day and age, with technology invading every aspect of our lives, it can’t be that difficult to … Continue reading

Ramadhaan Preparation – Spirituality through a Practical Lens

Ramadan Wordle

Right about now, the Web will be flooded with many articles extolling the virtues of preparing in advance for the blessed month of Ramadhaan. No doubt, it is beneficial to impart – and internalise – advice that is both practically sound and spiritually uplifting. But what I think is equally importance is … Continue reading

Al-Andalus: A Jewel of Magnificence

Looking into the Court Yard, Alhambra

We sometimes confine ourselves to a narrow definition of architectural magnificence that is framed within the context of modern examples of architecture and technology. This is not entirely wrong, but it is severely limited in its scope to truly capture the beauty of an architectural endeavour born out of painstaking … Continue reading

A Lesson from the Isra wal Mi’raj – Ascending to Greater Spiritual Heights


I recently attended a gathering at the Islamic Society of Algester to commemorate the Isra wal Mi’raj, or Night Journey and Ascension of The Cream of Creation, Prophet Muhammad, in whom abundant peace and salutations of Allah abide. I’ve provided an infographic that summarises the main aspects of this miraculous … Continue reading

Watch “Look Up”, and then Look Up. Literally.

Take a few minutes to watch and listen to the above video. There are numerous lessons here, one of them being the apparent decline of society’s interest in real (physical) social interaction and environmental engagement. My understanding is that humans are social creatures and a significant portion of our lives … Continue reading

MeemTip: See you in a Heartbleed


Yep, the title is deliberate. By now, news of the Internet Heartbleed bug is spreading all over the globe, and for good reason. In this inaugural edition of MeemTips, I’ll succinctly explain what it is, how it may affect you, and what to do about it. Here’s an infographic that … Continue reading

Musing #4: Gratitude in an Uncertain Work Environment

Recently, our company laid off a quarter of their employees. For some, perhaps they had already seen the writing on the wall and knew that it was just a matter of time. After all, we’re nearing the completion of a large gas project and the nature of such capital projects … Continue reading

Support Our Team!

World's Greatest Shave 2014

Join Queensland Muslims in raising funds for the Leukaemia Foundation! OUR GOAL: $10,000 DONATE AT ANY TIME AT The Muslim community of Queensland is proud to be participating in the World’s Greatest Shave for 2014, and I’m part of the team. According to the Leukaemia Foundation, more than 3200 … Continue reading

Musing #3: Some people need to smile


(I say these words of advice to myself before anyone else) I entered the lift today at work. There were two other people in the lift already, both staring at me as I entered. I smiled at both, as per my usual habit when entering a lift, but there were … Continue reading

Musing #2: So much to do, so little time … but why?


“So much to do, so little time …” This oft-repeated mantra is as much of a worry as it is a cliché. By this, I mean we always set new objectives at the beginning of each year to realign our focus with our future goals, and within a month or … Continue reading

Musing #1: Beginning in the Middle

Beginning in the Middle

Assalaamu ‘Alaykum, may the peace of Allah be upon you. Welcome to my humble virtual abode. Take a seat, the coffee is brewing. (Your choices are gourmet or Turkish. Instant is a profanity.) Why is this the Beginning in the Middle? I first hopped online back in 1996 in Auckland, New … Continue reading