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What makes meem unique


Combining creative thinking with cutting edge technology to develop solutions

Web Design

Helping you build a sustainable online presence. A unique design philosophy will help drive targeted traffic towards your website to boost your business.


Have you got a fantastic idea? meem is always on the lookout for the next frontier and is keen to be your implementation partner.


The important stuff about meem
Technology is your friend. Harness it.

With over 15 years of experience in all things technology in Brisbane, meem's passion is matched by fantastic customer experience. You can rely on meem to provide genuine technology services to help you move forward. meem understands that in this increasingly connected world, requirements change by the second which is why meem is committed to helping you navigate through the technological jungle. meem is here to help with all of your computing and technological needs.

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    one-pagers, e-commerce, startups

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    anything tech

  • customer experience


who's behind meem

A real Brisbane guy with a few neat tricks up his sleeve.
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Muhammad Khatree

Technology Professional. Experienced in all things technical. Shifts between technical and commercial work swiftly. Never afraid to touch the tools. Always willing to chat over coffee. No deal is too big or small.

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