Invoices / Receipts need a Royal Redesign!

Surely I can’t be the only one who sometimes loathes the illogical designs of some receipts/invoices. Granted, there are system limitations that force some companies to choose sub-optimal designs, but surely in this day and age, with technology invading every aspect of our lives, it can’t be that difficult to setup a simple invoice design[…]

Ramadhaan Preparation – Spirituality through a Practical Lens

Right about now, the Web will be flooded with many articles extolling the virtues of preparing in advance for the blessed month of Ramadhaan. No doubt, it is beneficial to impart – and internalise – advice that is both practically sound and spiritually uplifting. But what I think is equally importance is the continuous sharing of such[…]

Al-Andalus: A Jewel of Magnificence

We sometimes confine ourselves to a narrow definition of architectural magnificence that is framed within the context of modern examples of architecture and technology. This is not entirely wrong, but it is severely limited in its scope to truly capture the beauty of an architectural endeavour born out of painstaking efforts to carefully balance knowledge,[…]