A Renewed Perspective on our World

What's your worldview?

What’s your worldview?

Sometimes we become so engrossed in our pursuit of personal endeavours that we lose sight of where we actually are in relation to the rest of the world.

Or the rest of the galaxy.

Or other galaxies.

Or other [names of other distant cosmic entities]

On a particularly starry night, my friend’s father (who is an avid astronomy enthusiast) gave us a view of Jupiter and its four moons, Saturn, and a distant galaxy called Sombrero. The views were nothing short of spectacular, with Jupiter’s moons all perfectly lined up horizontally, the rings on Saturn becoming a bit more believable than just photos on a primary school classroom wall, and a distant galaxy oriented somewhat vertical compared to our position.

I mean seriously, how often do we stop to even ponder upon the very existence of these celestial bodies, much less the views of them from Earth?

I take out my Saxon telescope once every couple of months and spend a bit of time tinkering with various lenses, and my best experiences have been the crystal clear view of the moon’s surface, and what appears to be the glowing red hue of Mars. It’s truly a phenomenal experience, something quite literally out of this world. Surely there’s some renewed perspective in that? Perhaps a realignment of life’s purpose, priorities, behaviours?

I feel we often limit the scope of our activities and concerns to little more than the tip of our nose, which puts us at a higher risk of becoming self-centred, egotistical and narrow-minded. There is a much wider world out there (“world” being used in the broadest sense of the term), and the relatively few issues we grapple with should not prevent us from appreciating the wonder and discovery of the often ambiguous reality of the rest of the world (people, nature, politics, world history, technological advancements, morals and ethics, etc.). And I realised this from a simple view of Space.

As a lesson for myself before others, let us aim to understand things are they are, more than the way our minds tell us they should be. Find contentment in the things we can understand and control, and don’t lose sleep over things we can’t, while still appreciating their ability to impact us.


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  • Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of night and day are signs for those of understanding 😉

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