Business Cards – Ditch Them or Dig Them?

Business Cards: Relevant in this day and age?

Business Cards: Relevant in this day and age?

So things have been a bit quiet lately. I’ve recently taken up an IT Consultant role at Capital Technology Partners and can’t believe how much I missed the consulting game. The excitement of engaging with a broad range of clients, crafting a sales pitch in order to win project extensions (sans the usual consulting buzz words), and scoping out project plans are fun and challenging, and somewhere between those two aspects is the sweet spot for me.

Perhaps that’s a good segway into the purpose of this post. I’ve been dishing out my business card at client meetings and recently had a casual conversation with a colleague about the perceived value vs actual utility of business cards.

You see, in this age of ever-advancing technology, the humble business card has still managed to stay alive despite the many ways to share contacts via mobile apps and even intelligently extract contact info from a snapshot of a business card.

The question is: how does the business card remain relevant? or, is it actually still relevant?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or via Twitter.

My initial view is that exchanging business cards is a relatively smooth process between people with little complexity, whereas an electronic exchange of the same information (via vCard or h-card) seems to require several steps, hampering the process ever so slightly, but with justifiable reasoning (e.g. security).

Whichever way you prefer to network with others, it still seems that in the corporate world, the humble business card is still king when it comes to sharing your contact details.

What do you think? Should we push for a more tech-oriented method of contact sharing? Is there any more value in doing so? Comments and tweets appreciated.


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