MeemTip: Setup a Wifi-Bluetooth Network Bridge

Big problem Recently at a partnering firm’s office, my work laptop could not connect to the wifi network. Even bigger problem Out of at least 15 systems, my laptop was the only one that couldn’t connect to the wifi network. Context Being an IT Consultant means I rely on Internet access from wherever I am[…]

MeemTip: Why the Chromecast is Good for Business

When enterprises are on the hunt for new IT hardware, the list of preferred vendors seldom includes Google. And that’s perfectly fine, given that the Big G’s forte is still software (though more accurately, and increasingly, their software capabilities are enabling them to forge new pathways into other areas such as hardware). One such foray[…]

MeemTip: See you in a Heartbleed

Yep, the title is deliberate. By now, news of the Internet Heartbleed bug is spreading all over the globe, and for good reason. In this inaugural edition of MeemTips, I’ll succinctly explain what it is, how it may affect you, and what to do about it. Here’s an infographic that helps tie together the main[…]