The Middle of Sha’baan: Brief Perspective

As the middle of Sha’baan approaches, let’s be mindful of a couple of things:

  1. There is a legitimate scholarly difference of opinion on the significance of the 15th night of this month. A wise approach is to leave it in the hands of the scholars, take the guidance of whom you trust, and maintain a sense of mutual respect for those who opine differently.
  2. Regardless of the view to which you subscribe, make a concerted effort to remember the most vulnerable people in your prayers: the elderly, the disabled, the refugees, the asylum seekers, the oppressed, the weak, the orphaned, the impoverished, the victims of war, the marginalised, the stranded. Everyday, every week and every month.

A humanity-focused mindset will bring about some much needed perspective on this issue (among others), where the concerns of the individual will rise to become concerns for humanity, God-willing.

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