Watch “Look Up”, and then Look Up. Literally.

Take a few minutes to watch and listen to the above video.

There are numerous lessons here, one of them being the apparent decline of society’s interest in real (physical) social interaction and environmental engagement.

My understanding is that humans are social creatures and a significant portion of our lives is shaped by the relationships we build with other people, and our ability to influence and be influenced by them. While acknowledging our ability to leverage technology’s wondrous impact in solving countless problems in society, we cannot afford to simultaneously neglect the pivotal role of human relationships. If we continue to hole ourselves up in the world of technology, we become strangers in our own domain and are more likely to miss many transformational opportunities that ultimately affect our destiny. Remember, we are born to humans, not to machines; machines most certainly facilitate the process, but they are by no means a complete replacement for a wholesome human upbringing.

Let us aim to maintain a life of balance in all spheres of our ephemeral existence.

Wassalaam (with peace),

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