We’re going for Hajj!

UPDATE: 12/9/14 – Our passports, visas and plane tickets have arrived! Praise be to God.

It has begun!

My wife Fathima and I have applied to perform the Hajj pilgrimage this year. Our applications with Labbaik Travel have been accepted and we’re eagerly awaiting news of our visas for Saudi Arabia. Pending the arrival of the visas, we’ll be leaving Brisbane on Friday 19th September and returning on Saturday 18th October, Insha Allah (God-willing).

We’ve been preparing for several months already. I highly recommend the following activities (concurrently, if possible):

– reading Hajj books, covering both the spiritual and practical aspects
– seeking clarification about Hajj rituals from scholars of authentic Islamic knowledge
– discussing with others who have already performed Hajj
– constant prayer for a meaningful, transformative, and accepted Hajj

We’ve attended two Hajj seminars to gain deeper insight into the practical aspects of performing Hajj. I’ll try to post brief summaries of the material as best as I remember it.

Fathima will be updating her blog while we’re on Hajj. There’s no shortage of information out there about this life-changing journey, but everyone has a unique perspective and we hope that by sharing our experiences, we can inspire others with the courage to perform Hajj and to ponder upon the Greatness of our Creator, as it is for His Divine Purpose that we’re performing it.

With that being said, Fathima and I humbly request your prayers for our visas to arrive in time.


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